The Philippines Rediscovered

The Philippines Rediscovered is the unique, classic coffee-table book on the country. The theme of this book is the rediscovery of the beauty of the Philippines as seen through the eyes of a native son.

Born and raised as a child in the Philippines before immigrating to Canada, the photographer returns after many years and has a unique perspective on the country. Spending several months over a five-year period covering dozens of places, from the bustling capital to remote, untouched wilderness areas, he created a more personal, intimate portrait of the country--not the typical tourist-oriented book. He captures the stunning beauty of the landscape and the quiet, simple beauty of the everyday scene.

With a native's natural affinity for the people, the country and its culture, and--because of his long absence--a 'foreigner's' fascination and curiosity, he created a body of images that is unique - a personal impression. Through his fresh vision, Filipinos and the rest of the world 'rediscover' the Philippines.

The book's strength is the images. Short captions provide some interesting cultural, historical and anecdotal information.

  • Foreword by Former President Corazon Aquino
  • Introduction by National Artist Nick Joaquin

ISBN: 0-9684027-0-4 (Hardcover), 0-9684027-1-2 (Softcover)
Illustrations: Over 260 color photographs
9 x 12 inches, 192 pages

Price: US$50 (hardcover) and US$36 (softcover)

Awarded Best Picture Book on the Philippines by the Philippine Department of Tourism


Book Reviews

"... To Filipino eyes, some of the scenes Stuart captures with his lenses may be familiar, but in a manner that is at once so distinctive one would wish to see them again, feel them, even live within and in them. This is the essence of a loving remembrance akin to an anthem in the heart ..."

- Nick Joaquin, National Artist

"... A true son of the Philippines, Stuart sees with an innate sense of the Filipino, the beauty of his Islands. With their vivid color and their superb composition, his photographs inspire me. This book has a soul, and as such, it invites the viewer to see the Philippines in a very special way. The way both Filipinos and foreigners ought to see our Country."

- Jaime Zobel de Ayala

"... Finally, a book that provocatively captures the beauty, luminosity, romance and diversity that is the Philippines ... definitely the best photo book on the country."

- Mel Tobias


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  • US and International: Hardcover US$50; Softcover US$36.
  • Canada: Hardcover C$75; Softcover C$54

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